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Transcription Rates

 Number of Speakers  24 Hours  48 Hours  5 Days

 Normal (1-2 speakers)

 $3.00  $2.00  $1.50
 Difficult (3-4 speakers)  $3.50  $2.25  $1.75
 Focus Groups (5+ speakers)  $4.50  $2.75  $2.25

Our rates are charged per audio minute.  Turnaround time is based on time received.  For example, a 24 hour turnaround time means that orders placed before 5:00pm will be completed by 5:00pm on the following business day.  Time coding will be charged at the Focus Group rates.

Audio minutes are rounded up to the next minute and prices are based on the turnaround time shown above.  For example:
Audio File Length = 30 minutes 
Difficulty Level = Normal
Desired Turnaround Time = 5 Days ($1.50)
30 X $1.50 = $45.00

Full payment is expected upon receipt of completed transcript.  An invoice will be sent along with the transcript.  For long-term and ongoing projects, you will be billed bi-weekly for work completed to date and payment is expected within 10 days of receipt of invoice. A 50% deposit will be required for new clients before commencement of transcription job.  Don't forget our New Client Bonus!

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