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"I highly recommend Zoom Transcription! I had never transcribed anything before takingthe Zoom course; however, I found the course to be a simple, quick process while giving a thorough understanding of general transcription. Janet was great throughout the whole process and was available to answer all of my questions. Less than one month after completing the Zoom course
I had already been hired for my first job!

Thanks again!"

- Lisa

If you're serious about learning a skill that will allow you to work when and where you want, set your own prices, and train at your own pace, then General Transcription Training - The Zoom Method will get you there.

You can download the entire course immediately
(worth $1500 to $2000) for the low price of $99!

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Zoom Transcription has established a relationship with a vendor to provide you with all of the equipment and software that you need at a discounted price.

You will receive an Infinity USB foot pedal, professional transcriptionist's headset with volume control, and fully-licensed Express Scribe software at a package price of only $89.95. This represents a savings of $45.00 than if purchased separately!

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